Golf training plastic mat – 24 x 49cm


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, this Golf Mat is the perfect choice to improve your game. Order now and experience the difference!


  • 🏌🏻【Master your swing path】 golf training mat for swing recognition. Golf Training Mat Improves your golf swing by mastering your divot. A divot tells you all about your swing. When you see an instant representation of your divot, you can build muscle memory for that perfect swing.
  • 🏌🏻【Improve swing consistency】 With our golf swing mat you can immediately work on improving your strike. Just put your ball in the center, strike and see what the mat tells you about the hit. You get instant feedback that allows you to adapt and improve with every single swing. Improve your swing and chipping skills.
  • 🏌🏻【Good workmanship】 Golf mat is made of high quality rubber and flannel material, which is durable and easy to clean. After many times of playing, there are no signs of wear that can replace golf lovers. Plus, we’ve put extra effort into the sequins, so they’ll never fly away. Use it anywhere, no Velcro is required and a pole for outdoor use is provided.
  • 🏌🏻【Easy to use】 The golf swing mat is designed for all golfers of every skill level to improve the game of golf. Just put the golf swing mat on the floor and start swinging! Always back. Everywhere you see your swing path and learn every time you hit the ball!
  • 🏌🏻【Practical training aid equipment】 Portable and compact golf practice grass mat can be placed in your offices, houses, corridors, schools, indoor practice areas, can be practiced and practically stored. For sports lovers who like to play golf in the yard or lawn, this is a great gift for children and teenagers, adults.

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