Metal hand grips 350mm


Metal Climbing Handles 350mm,

Available in Blue and Stainless steel.

The hand grips are fully galvanised with two mounting holes, M10.

Handles are sold individually.

Please note; no screws are included



Metal Hand Grips for Playframes: Elevate Your Outdoor Play Experience

Introduction to Metal Hand Grips

Transform your playframe into a haven of adventure and safety with our premium Metal Hand Grips. At Creative Landscaping Works, we understand the essence of durable and reliable play accessories that cater to all your outdoor needs. Designed for resilience and versatility, our metal hand grips are the perfect addition to any playframe, offering unparalleled support and stability for endless outdoor fun.

Why Choose Our Metal Hand Grips?

  • Durability: Crafted from thick steel, our grab handles are built to last. The fully galvanized finish ensures a long-lasting resilience against rust and degradation, making them a steadfast addition to your playframe.
  • Installation Ease: With two M10 mounting holes, installation is straightforward and secure. While no screws are included, the grips are compatible with standard hardware, allowing for a tailored fit to your playframe.
  • Weather Resistance: Engineered to withstand the challenging Irish weather, our metal hand grips promise reliability through changing conditions. Rain or shine, they remain steadfast.

Features at a Glance

  • Made of thick, durable steel
  • Fully galvanized for rust resistance
  • Two M10 mounting holes for easy installation
  • Designed for resistance to changing weather conditions
  • Ideal for all climbing frame accessories


  • Q: Are screws included with the metal hand handles?
    • A: No, screws are not included. This allows for flexibility in choosing the best fitting hardware for your specific playframe installation needs.
  • Q: Can these grips be used on any playframe?
    • A: Absolutely! Our handgrips are designed with versatility in mind, fitting seamlessly with a wide range of playframes and outdoor play accessories.
  • Q: How do the grips handle extreme weather?
    • A: Our playground handles are fully galvanized, offering excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring they can withstand the island’s changing weather conditions without losing their integrity.
  • Q: Are these suitable for commercial play areas?
    • A: Yes, the robust construction and durability of our metal hand grips make them an ideal choice for both private and commercial play areas.

Incorporating Metal Hand Grips into Your Outdoor Space

Adding our metal hand grips to your playframe enhances not only the safety but also the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Whether it’s for a home project or a commercial play area, these grips are essential for any climbing frame, providing a secure hold for children as they play and explore.  We also have all climbing frame accessories in store instock.

Creative Landscaping Works: Your Partner in Outdoor Excellence

At Creative Landscaping Works, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive outdoor solutions that cater to the entire island of Ireland, including both Northern Ireland and Ireland. Our metal hand grips are a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and durability in all outdoor play accessories. From paving to playframes, artificial grass to outdoor cleaning, we have all your outdoor needs covered.


Elevate your playframe with our Metal Hand Grips, designed for safety, durability, and weather resistance. Creative Landscaping Works is dedicated to providing top-tier outdoor solutions across Ireland, ensuring that your outdoor spaces are not only beautiful but also functional and safe. Trust us to bring your outdoor visions to life, one grip handle at a time.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing playframe or embarking on a new outdoor project, our metal hand grips are an essential component for any climbing adventure. Contact Creative Landscaping Works today to discover how we can enhance your outdoor play accessories and more, ensuring endless fun and safety for everyone involved.

Additional information

Available in:


350mm, 550mm


Blue, Stainless steel